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Theatre Access

The Theatre Foyer has the ticket office, toilets and bar with stairs to the upper Foyer for access to the auditorium. We now have flat access route between the foyer and the auditorium. Please use this route if you find stairs difficult.
The Theatre seating is raked apart from the first two rows. Special seating is set aside for wheelchair users and mobility-impaired patrons on the front row (prior notice is required at the time of ticket purchase). We can accommodate up to 6 wheelchair users and their companions.
Wheelchair accessible toilets are situated just outside the auditorium by the Lower Foyer exit door.

Stage Access

Entrance to the stage area is via the side rear door which has a code system. From the entrance vestibule there is a short flight of stairs to stage level. There is an open scenery lift which is also suitable for wheelchairs.
From the doorway the dressing rooms are situated on the right and the stage entrance on the left. There is a narrow passage which is used to get between the two sides of the stage, this passage is not wide enough for wheelchairs. Access between the lower dressing rooms and the upper dressing rooms is via twin spiral staircases (one from each lower dressing room).
There are toilets in the lower dressing rooms only and these are not wheelchair accessible.
The Fire Escape Route from the lower dressing rooms is via a vertical ladder, approximately four feet above ground level.

Car Parking

The Theatre has its own car park on Park Road and patrons can also park at the Riverside Mill for evening performances. This is accessed from Mountbatten Way roundabout by taking the ‘Aldi’ exit and turning left through the arch. There is a walkway through to the Theatre. Gates are locked at 11pm.

Car parking spaces outside the theatre entrance are available but please make it known at the time of ticket purchase if spaces are required.

Wheelchair Access

A passageway from the lower Foyer to the front of the auditorium allows access for wheelchair users and people who have difficulty with stairs.


Wheelchair accessible toilets are situated just outside the auditorium by the Lower Foyer exit door.

Hearing Loop

An Induction Loop System has been fitted for the benefit of patrons with hearing aids. Please set your hearing aid to the "T" position. If you need assistance, please ask the House Staff.

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