Daneside Theatre

Daneside Theatre Trust Ltd

Daneside Theatre is run by the Daneside Theatre Trust Ltd., registered charity number 507772. Its purpose is to promote the arts within the Congleton Borough.

Daneside Theatre Trust Ltd was formed in 1980. The Trust is a company limited by guarantee and is a registered charity. The formation and running of the Theatre has been made possible by grants from many funding bodies including Local and Regional councils, the National Lottery, the Granada Foundation, Congleton Inclosure Trust etc. The company’s articles allow it to provide a theatre building and associated services for the purposes of leisure and education.

The Trust's main aim is to oversee and maintain the Theatre and so provide the building and a high standard of equipment and facilities for the member societies and others, at a reasonable cost, thus encouraging all ages to take an interest in performing arts. By fulfilling its aims it ensures that the theatre is a credit to the town and is available to be used by all. The Trust itself does not stage shows (apart from the occasional fund raising event).

The Trust is run by a committee with official company posts including Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary etc. and representatives of the member societies (see their links) and some independent members, (all posts being open for election by the members of the Trust). The Trust’s Technical Manager assists with enquiries and ensures that the Theatre is up to standard and that it complies with all the relevant codes and practices.

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